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Prospects NFT

Welcome to Prospects NFT 

Our mission is to give the opportunity to young athletes the opportunity to collect digital property on a global platform! 

Prospects Collectables is where young sport players come to celebrate, relive and collect their first rookie player cards!. It’s the best community in young professional sports, and you’re invited to join the fun.

Prospects NFT turns electrifying personalized player card into officially licensed one-of-a-kind digital items that you own, called ProspectsbySI NFTs. Each card brings a unique opportunity for young players to be part of an innovative technology that can't be lost or forgotten. Start building your collection with Player Cards across all our Sports.


Prospects NFTs are a tribute to all young players career, capturing milestone achievements and viral highlights from the first years in their sport career  to the moment they reach professional level, telling the story of your player. Every Player card falls into its own tier of scarcity, from Common card with only 10 copies to premium with only 3!

American All Star NFT template.png
Canadian All Star NFT template.png
NFT Banner.png
Future Star Cole and Ryan NFT.png


Rarity Level: 1/100

Rarity Level: 1/5


Rarity Level: 1/20


If you would like to order our Animated version Design please complete the form on the following link!

Fill out this for form to receive your first NFT Design for FREE!

                               LIMITED TIME ONLY!

If you would like to order our Future Star Pack please complete the form on the following link!


If you were selected for the All Star Challenge please complete the form on the following link to get your FREE All Star Design

Rarity Level: 1/5

Canadian All Star NFT template.png

The All Star Card

American All Star NFT template.png
USA NFT Team Bag (1).png

The All Star Pack


NFT All Star Team Box.png

The All Star Box


How to

From our marketplace to your Wallet 

Wallet Creation

1) Click this link to download phantom wallet for browser and phone.

2) Open App and follow steps to create wallet (Save your private keys somewhere safe)

3) Copy you Wallet address, this will be your new ID

4) Change the name of your wallet for easy access!

Method #1: Its my first NFT!

For customer with no experienced on the NFT market and will like to participate please follow this simple steps where you can purchase your NFT using you credit card! no need to worry about crypto

Purchasing with third party provider credit card

1) Select desire collectable and purchase with crossmint. 

2) Log in with an email account and pay with credit card

3) Once purchase has been completed you will receive an email or you can access your account by logging through this link

4) Export your Collectable from crossmint to phantom wallet!

5) Your NFT should be in your Phantom wallet within 24 hours!

*This service is through a third party provider, if there is any issues with the purchase please contact

Method #2: The experienced route!

Only for customer with experienced on the NFT and Crypto Market.

Purchase with SOL

1) Connect your wallet to our marketplace

2) Select the collectable you wish to purchase 

3) Once buy has been selected accept the transaction trough your wallet!

4) Your new NFT should be on your collectables inside your wallet!

Secondary Market resale!

Selling on Secondary Market

1) Connect your phantom wallet to the marketplace

2) Click view owned and choose which NFT to sell

3) Decide between auction or fixed price

4) Confirm the sale and your NFT will be up for sale on our market!

*To create a sale on our market you need a minimum of 0.05 SOL to pay for fees

Roll Out

Our Sports Roll out

Why should you collect Prospects NFTs  ?


Combining timeless hockey cards with the future, you can now own an NFT hockey card of your child. Prospects By Sports Illustrated is offering players their first chance to be able to own a professionally designed hockey card non-fungible token of themselves. There has never been a better time to invest in NFTs as the market is growing larger every day. We don’t just design NFTs, we mint them directly to the Solana Blockchain where they will increase in value as your child makes it to the next level. These NFTs are a great way to look back at your child’s time in minor hockey as they are the first chance they will get to have their own professionally designed authentic hockey card of themselves. 

The League

Our Prospects NFTs are not just Art!!

Alongside our NFTs Art Collectable project our team will be introducing the Prospects Fantasy League where NFT Holders can receive points for the NFTs they collected over the year to win prices and earn the Exclusive Prospect Cup NFT! 

Prospects Fantasy League

What is the fantasy league? 


The Prospects By Sports Illustrated fantasy sports system is designed for parents and players to use their NFTs to earn real-life rewards. If you think you know which prospects are going to showcase their elite skills this year, put your knowledge to the test by submitting your NFT collection for a chance to win big prizes. Based on the performance of the players in your NFT collection in our various tournaments, you can rise through the leaderboard. All you have to do is sit back and relax and let your NFTs do the work. The better the players do, the more points you get. Bet on the future by purchasing NFTs of the players you think are the next generation of superstars. You could win prizes such as:

  • A PS5, Nintendo Switch OLED

  • Sports Mask Custom wrap

  • Free entry into a Prospects By Sports Illustrated tournament 

  • Exclusive NFTs

  • And so much more!!

Point System and five tournaments 


For every NFT in your digital wallet collection of a player who is participating in one of the Prospects By Sports Illustrated tournaments during the season, their performance on the ice throughout the year will earn you points. At the end of the season, after the All-Star Challenge, the points accumulated by the players in your NFT collection will be added up from every tournament during the season. Those who finish at the top the leaderboard will win a variety of different prizes depending on where they are placed. Points are awarded based on a players statistics during the yearly tournaments as follows:


  • Goal: 2 points

  • Assist: 1 point

  • Hit: 0.2 points 

  • Powerplay Goal: 3 points

  • Short-Handed Goal: 3 points

  • Powerplay Assist: 2 points

  • Short-Handed Assist: 2 points

  • Hattrick: 5 points


  • Win: 4 points

  • Shutout: 5 points

  • Assist: 3 points

  • Goal: 6 points 

Points will be multiply by a factor of 2 if the card is a veteran!

Prospects By Sports Illustrated tournaments that will count towards the fantasy league will be confirmed at a later date but will include: The Canadiens Cup, The Cup, The AAA All-Star Challenge, and more. 

The Leaderboard

The leaderboard will be updated on a tournament basis for competitors to know if they are part of the top 10 collectors


Frequently asked questions


Non-fungible token.

That doesn’t make it any clearer.

Right, sorry. “Non-fungible” more or less means that it’s unique and can’t be replaced with something else. . A one-of-a-kind trading card, however, is non-fungible. If you traded it for a different card, you’d have something completely different

What makes an NFT valuable?

The value of an NFT comes from the property it represents, which is generally something that exists in the digital world like an original piece of art or digital memorabilia. The NFT itself doesn’t necessarily contain the digital property, but points to its location on the blockchain. Like a concert ticket or a deed to a physical property, an NFT reflects the value of the thing it represents.

What’s the connection between NFTs and cryptocurrency?

NFTs aren’t cryptocurrencies, but they are built using technology similar to Ethereum and Bitcoin. Also, like cryptocurrencies, NFTs exist on a blockchain, which verifies their unique identity and ownership. The blockchain also keeps a record of all the transactions connected to the NFT and the property it represents

How do I buy and sell an NFT?

NFTs are typically acquired from different curated platforms that specifically deal in digital assets. Open marketplaces, like ours are use to buy sell or trade NFTs on the blokchain

How to validate the authencity of an NFT?

NFT ownership is recorded on the blockchain, and that entry acts as a digital pink slip.

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